Surveillance Network

Lanbras offers a wide range of choice for surveillance network, from 19-inch rack mount PoE switch to din-rail mount / wall mount PoE Lite-industrial products or fiber media converters and industrial line products. Here are the ways we can do far more beyond:


· Power Over Ethernet 30W

Power over Ethernet technology allows you to install your IP cameras in places where power are not easily accessed. In addition, with higher and more advance CCTV technology, high-power PoE are more frequently required for special IP cameras such as speed dome camera.


· Wide operation temperature

Surveillance cameras are sometimes deployed in worse environment with higher or lower temperature, and Lanbras can provide a wide-range of choice to meet your requirement in installing your CCTV systems in worse conditions.


· Flexible deployment

We have rack-mount, wall-mount and Din-rail-mount options throughout our Surveillance Network solution. And for various models you can chose to use either AC power or DC power for the devices.


· Management at your choice

Plug-and-play would be a great choice for Surveillance Network System Integrators. But addition to that, we also provide alternatives such as management by Web UI, or even SNMP and Telnet CLI to meet your different needs in managing a more complicated surveillance network.


From Access to CPE side, we offer a wide choice of products with optional Battery backup solution. By simply connecting to a VRLA battery, you will be able to deploy an uninterrupted network in no time!

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